Yoga Nature: Landscapes of the Self

Yoga Nature: landscapes of the self is a book I have written that draws from the above influences and process.

Taking us on a beautiful journey through the vistas of our experience, the aspects of our potential, by exploring our practice and our everyday lives though the principles and elements of nature – its purpose is ultimately to locate and unleash our individual voice and process, to find what truly motivates and calls us and to break through the barriers that stand between this.

The power of this book is that it guides us in particular beyond the limiting potential of words, the words of others and even those of philosophy, the way that they can stand tyranny over us and our inner truth. It guides us to work ultimately with the life force that is always beyond words and understanding, that we can only tune into in the moment, in the now.

And it guides us too, like the first yogis, find inspiration in nature, to find resonance for our voice and callings and to trust and be guided by our own experience within the practice. Exploring yogic philosophy, ultimately thought the frame and reference of nature, and the language of science that describes it, it offers us a very grounded, in-this-world understanding of theory. And in its clear and thematic exploration of the different aspects of our practice through the principles and elements of nature it offers us building blocks out of which we can tailor our practices according to our unique needs and motivations of the moment.

Finally this book is about imagery, imagery in our practice and also the power of imagery to give shape and form to our inner worlds of experience – so that we can better navigate it and move toward the shape and form of our dreams.