Beginner’s Yoga Course

Beginner's course logoWith a focus on grounding us in the true foundations and principles of yoga and building the practice through a step-by-step, enjoyable process, this course is a great way for beginners to access the practice. It is also powerful for even advanced students who seek the clarification of growing their practice from underlying and unifying principles.

This course is offered by Nadia on demand. Please communicate your interest.

The Elements of Yoga

This is an 8-session, theme-based course that explores the elements as well as the principles of nature in our yoga practice.

The aim is to develop themes that move through our lives as well as our bodies in our practice, and that cover the range and attitudes of life, allowing us to access our practice through avenues that are powerfully meaningful to us, but also to find the meaning in our natural processes and to allow them to flow.

It takes us – guided by nature -to understand and work with our emotions and the potential of our minds and imaginations. Ultimately, it guides us into the natural intelligence of our bodies and brings us back to nature for inspiration, to the powerful expanded connectedness and deeply resourcing energy that nature offers us.

With the philosophy of yoga beautifully integrated through the work, this is a wonderful course to enrich your understanding of your practice. Developed through clearly-laid out themes and principles it also offers a basic set of tools, elements and principles out of which we can creatively build tailor-made practices.

Some of the themes and principles are outlined below: